Venice: between land and sea

A cuisine born and inspired by Venice and the area that surrounds it to constantly renew itself.

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The New Venetian Osteria

A small and comfortable tavern, the result of a group project of young people ready to take care of their guests.

How to reach us

The chef

Giovanni Rigoni

​​The historic company of Nicola Dinato and Nicola Possagnolo has entrusted the leadership to Giovanni Rigoni.

Talented young people to rediscover the cuisine of Venice

​​The historic establishment of Nicola Dinato and Nicola Possagnolo has entrusted the leadership to Giovanni Rigoni and a team of young talents from the dining room and kitchen. A concrete, free cuisine, attentive to the impact of daily choices but which does not compromise on taste and creativity. A cuisine born and inspired by Venice and the area that surrounds it to constantly renew itself.

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Frequent questions

How do you get to Zanze XVI?

Our restaurant is located in Fondamenta dei Tolentini, in via Santa Croce 231. It is very close to Santa Lucia Station and Piazzale Roma, so it can also be easily reached by train or car, using private car parks and municipal garages.

Where do our ingredients come from?

We select the best raw materials by working with trusted collaborators. We carefully and carefully select the raw materials from the best Venetian markets and producers in the Lagoon and surrounding areas. Every dish in our cuisine comes from an unprecedented combination of memories, flavors and emotions.

What is the iconic menu of our restaurant?

Our most representative menu is Anima, created and constantly renewed by our Chef Giovanni Rigoni. A seven-course blind menu, constantly evolving and constantly renewed, following the availability of products and raw materials. A journey that begins his inspiration and research along the Silk Road, the network of connections that brought ingredients and spices, techniques and processes back to Venice from the Far East, redefining the gastronomic culture of the city.

How can I book after purchasing on the website?

To book a lunch or dinner at Zanze XVI or to use a gift voucher/gift card purchased on our website you can connect to the website . You can choose your preferred date and time from the available options, communicate any allergies or intolerances and any gift voucher/gift-card code.

In case of allergies or intolerances?

Many of our products, sauces and condiments are made water-based, to avoid any traces of allergens such as milk or eggs. In any case, we invite you to inform us of allergies and intolerances in the booking notes or to contact us in advance to plan any alternatives and ensure you have a satisfying experience.

Is it possible to provide a vegetarian menu?

If requested at least 3 days in advance we can provide a vegetarian version of our Anima menu, adapting some courses or providing dishes without original animal foods. In this case the dishes will be served to the whole table.

Can I order different menus for the same table?

Faithful to the tradition of Venetian taverns, the dishes on the Anima menu are served exclusively for the entire table.

Is it possible to order an à la carte dish?

It is possible to order a single dish from our Taste of Venice menu à la carte at a cost of 40 Euros.

How long do the “Give an experience” vouchers last?

The vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used every day, except for events or holidays with a dedicated menu such as Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Is it possible to order a single table for large groups or special occasions?

We have a Chef Table available to our guests which can comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests around the same table. To book it you can contact us directly at

Is it possible to choose a table outside?

Only in good weather we set up an external dehors.